Lean Manufacturing with Dynamics AX

Obtain a significant ROI by combining the expert consulting services of mcaConnect with lean philosophies and the powerful technology of Dynamics AX.

Learn More About AX 4 Lean Manufacturing

mcaConnect provides our AX4Lean solution to companies who want to run their business using Microsoft Dynamics AX technology using lean philosophies and processes. Our AX4Lean solution combines the expert services of mcaConnect with the powerful technology of Microsoft Dynamics AX to offer clients a tailored solution that provides significant ROI.

We’re excited to announce, that as a result of our AX4Lean soluton, Microsoft has recognized mcaConnect as a 2010 Partner Award finalist in the Category Microsoft Dynamics Manufacturing Partner of the Year. View the press release here.

Key benefits of Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing in Microsoft Dynamics AX® 2012 provides your manufacturing operations with many benefits key to your success and helps your manufacturing business:

  • Achieve demand-driven production
  • Increase replenishment efficiency
  • Accelerate continuous improvement
  • Understand value streams, eliminate bottlenecks, and identify improvement opportunities
  • Free people for higher-value activities

Drive continuous improvement with lean manufacturing in
Microsoft Dynamics® AX 2012

It isn’t easy to maintain efficient operations in today’s manufacturing environment and everyone is looking for a competitive edge. Typical manufacturing plants have multiple vendors, multiple interfaces, complex information flows, and asynchronous processing, all of which can lead to limited visibility into orders, materials, and production. To achieve peak performance manufacturers must systematically identify and eliminate plant floor inefficiencies.

This lean manufacturing strategy requires a four-step cycle of continuous improvement:

  • Value-stream-mapping documents each step in the process, its inputs and outputs, across the entire supply-chain.
  • Analysis and modeling identify tasks that could be simplified or cut altogether.
  • Implementation and continuous improvement actualizes change on the plant floor.
  • Management and reporting evaluates the results and begins the cycle again.

Problems can occur, though, when managers, executives, and plant floor workers do not fully understand and support any part of the process. Employees at each level of the manufacturing process must have the information and tools they need to support lean manufacturing, and these tools must work together to integrate and enhance the planning, analysis, implementation, and reporting of the lean manufacturing cycle.

Lean Manufacturing in Microsoft Dynamics® AX 2012 can empower your people to successfully implement kanban, kaizen, heijunka-board production leveling, just-in-time operations, and other key tactics by delivering the specific functionality, access to information, and process flexibility demanded by lean manufacturing operations. As an integral part of the familiar and adaptable end-to-end business management solution, Lean Manufacturing in Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you achieve the insight, agility, efficiency, and customer-orientation that enhance profitability and business success.